Larry McQuaw and Jon Repp first met in 1989 while both were working at Paco Pumps. Jon asked Larry if he always wanted a pump company. Larry said, “Yes”. And that was it. They have been co-owners of RMS Pump since they founded their company in 2002. Together, Jon and Larry have almost 80 years in the pump business...and counting.

JON REPP in Action

At a young age, Jon exhibited a passion for engineering and inventing while working in his father's machine shop. He spent hours there, learning and creating whatever parts his dad gave him to do. This aspect of the pump business became Jon's passion and his specialty. He went on to work for his dad's business, Queen Pump Company, for about 15 years. Then, he moved on to Paco Pumps, where he met Larry. The rest is history.


Larry started out in the pump business right out of Air Force boot camp when he received his first assignment as a Water and Waste Water Specialist. He spent the next four years running the sewage and water plants in Korea from 1967 to 1971.

When he left the military, he went to work for Paco Pumps and remained with them for about 30 years before leaving to start RMS Pump. Even though the military made Larry's initial career choice for him, he discovered that he enjoys what he does. He says, “Since I started at 19 and am still doing it at 62, it's been my whole life.”

Larry chose Jon as his partner because he worked with Jon long enough to know that he has great knowledge and skills. Add the sense of humor, and it was an easy decision.

More Than a Name...

The “RMS” in our business name stands for “Repp, McQuaw and Sons”. (In the beginning, Jon didn’t care whether or not the “R” was first, but we soon realized that “MRS Pump” just didn't work!) There was also a time when none of our sons wanted to work in this industry with us, so we almost had to change the “S” to mean “Somebody else”!

Since then, Jon's sons, David and Armondo, have joined us, making them the third Repp generation in the pump business. (If we count Chloe, we could actually claim a fourth...sort of!) There are also a couple of McQuaws who may become part of our team here at some point in the future.

It is our dream that one day our grandchildren will take over RMS Pump and continue on. Larry's grandson, Nathan, is already chomping at the bit to learn, so we are seeing the beginning of new life in RMS Pump. Can't ask for more than that. Until then, we'll keep on keeping on because we believe in what we do and that our services will be needed for many generations to come.


When you're system has fallen and you can't get it up...

There's no need to get cranky...

Call RMS Pump. You'll be back on track in no time!

RMS Pump, Inc has one philosophy concerning how to run a successful business. First and foremost, We are NOT in the SALES Business. We are in the “ABILITY” business. We deliver:

  • Capability;

  • Credibility;

  • Responsibility;

  • Reliability;

  • Accountability; and

  • Dependability.

At RMS PUMP, Our Mission is to:

  • Treat every customer like our ONLY customer;

  • Provide every client with an awesome result at a GOOD price;

  • Go the extra mile to ENSURE our clients are well taken care of;

  • Immediately take corrective ACTION on any issues that may arise;

  • Leave every job-site CLEANER than when we found it; and

  • Back it all up with a 1 year WARRANTY.

In our business, YOU really ARE #1 - all of the time, every time. This is the core focus of how we build relationships, which is why so many of our long-term clients have become our long-term friends. We can't express how much we appreciate them.

So, if you have a pump, pipe or power problem, just remember that “We remove your pumping blues”. (We really do!) Click here for More About Us!